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My name is EDGE. I am a Premier Escort, Companion, and Masseuse. During my career, I have garnered many real world experiences that enable me to be a professional, reliable and a well-respected companion. My time spent with you is very important to us both. While enjoying what I do immensely, I realize that I am providing a service and you deserve my utmost respect of your time. Don’t you deserve to be spoiled? I have a BA in Kinesiology and planning to pursue my masters at a later date. I am also a Certified Masseur and have spent years in the US Military with an honorable discharge. I am open minded and not judgmental.

  1. I do not smoke but don’t have a problem if you do.
  2. I don’t have any tats or piercing but don’t have a problem if you do.
  3. Rest assured being with me I will do everything in my power to make sure that you are safe, secure, and discreet. You can be yourself with me without fearing being judged. All body types are welcome.

Thank-you for looking at my website and I’m looking forward to hearing from and meeting you in the near future.

Licensed Adult Massage

When hiring a male escort, it is important to realize that there are many kinds of escorts.  It is exciting to me to be open and inviting to the people who may be new to hiring a male escort. If you are new to hiring a male escort, please think about scheduling a massage to start. Many people who have hired me have started with a massage and have found that it helps them to relax for the evening.

I strongly believe that massage therapy is a healing art. It is an art that wonderfully affects and enhances both health and well-being. Through providing massage I guarantee I will help you with the complete relaxation of your body. While massage therapy is a bonus the opportunity for erotic massage can be an exciting adventure.

Massage helps improve the body’s circulation; it stimulates the nervous and immune system, increases blood and lymph circulation and soothes the muscles. This is especially important to keep in mind when thinking about erotic massage. You know what happens when the blood really gets flowing! Hiring a male escort does not have to be intimidating. Give me a call and I can help with your decision and help you forget about stress and worries and help you feel happy and relaxed today.


If you are here with the thought of hiring a male escort you have come to the right place! I am a black male escort who offers premium escort services to ladies and couples from any part of the United States.

I believe that every woman/couple deserves to have an amazing and completely safe encounter with a handsome and tender man. One of the things I offer is the boyfriend experience. Have you found that you are always with men who are late, lie or just plain don’t show up? I enjoy spending time with a woman/ couples and hearing about their day and the things that are important to them.

Offering the boyfriend experience means that I would enjoy going to a show, club or even your best friends wedding! Having a cultured, high-class man attend a function with you will allow you to enjoy the evening filled with compliments and the security of knowing that you direct the direction of the whole night. Contact me for the night you have always dreamed of.


Every occasion is more enjoyable when you have someone to enjoy it with. A companion is there when you are looking for someone to be a bull in the bedroom and help you humiliate your cuck or if you are looking for someone to go with you to a work function. Whatever the reason for hiring an escort please know I will pamper you and treat you like a Queen.

Feel free to contact me no matter where you live. I am happy to provide the boyfriend experience that will make you feel like a real woman: feminine, beautiful, calm and confident in herself.

When you are with me you will find that you can enjoy anything from an erotic massage to a day at the movies!

Let’s get together and explore your city!

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